Thursday, May 19, 2011

First Edition - May 2011

Return of the Herald Greeted with Enthusiasm by Readers

Maybe a bold prediction, but according to Jasvyr, the new starry-eyed editor of the WoD Herald, "There's no way readers won't be entirely enthused with our revamp and renewal of the once-loved newsletter.  Readers can come here to find results of major events, news and exciting goings-on, and a monthly highlight of one or more leagues taking place in the arena.  There's basically no reason to read any other source of news in the entire world.  Everything you could want is right here."  Again, a bold claim, but "we" here at the Herald feel strongly you'll agree after the newest edition of the, er..."heralded" newsletter.

World of Dungeons Chat Events Upcoming!

Two exciting chat events will be held in the next several weeks. Tune into the WoD Chat to participate!

26 May 2011 at 2400 GMT.
29 May 2011 at 1200 GMT.

Both events are sure to be worth your while, so mark your calendars!

Tournament Recap - Exotic Warfare

Caledonii saw a riveting tournament, with "The Sky Painters", made up of Hugin and Neverwho winning EIGHT consecutive fights against other super-buffed fighters to win the tournament.

On Aberon, the "Softies" reigned supreme, escaping elimination with one loss, but still beating out all other combatants in what must have been glorious fashion, naturally.

Congratulations to all our winners, and all our participants!

Caledonii League Run-Down: Groups - 2000 Season 8

Sub-league 1 saw the prototypical powerhouse Warriors of Kesmet, led by the legendary Mistress of the Forest Cathar, top the league once again.  However, in a surprise move, using some surprise positioning tactics, Lucky XIII was able to take BOTH rounds from the Warriors, landing themselves in third, just behind Gang of Non-Clever.  In fourth were The Heretics, and Tomatoes vs Zombies brought up the rear in the elite sub-league of the Groups League.

Sub-league 2 was dominated by Mission Possible, who lost only one match to OOG's Revenge, where a strong first action from Jovan tipped the scales.  OOG's Revenge finished second, The Stampede got third but dissolved after competition, and The Conclave of Shadows, Valor Friends, and Torrential Reigns rounded out the second sub-league.

Sub-league 3 saw an under-leveled combatant nearly sweep the field.  With a level disadvantage of three compared to the next lowest participant group, the X-Men beat up on every group in sub-league, losing only one match to The Roving Rebels, who were able to bring down one of X-Men's two penetration archers before he could even fire.  The Roving Rebels finished second over The Body Snatchers, The Twelve Warriors, Caledoniias Amethyst Dawn, and Adventurers and Co..

Sha-Jin Festival Ends: New Poet Laureates Named!

As the Sha-Jin Festival has come to a close, many groups have sought the famed riches of the Emperor, and even perhaps protected a fleeing sailor along the way.  In spite of the myriad exotic weaponry found by countless ambitious adventurers, the real news was the annual Haiku and Banner competitions.  The Haiku competition saw over 50 participants try their hands at this exotic Asian poetry, and the Banner competition received three extremely well put-together works of art.

It is with great pleasure (and permission) that I announce the winners of the famed Haiku competition:

Haiku:  A special congratulations to lord_folken and Tacheron, whose haiku were the top two picks by the judges.  Below is a list of the 15 haiku to be welcomed into Caledonii, all chosen from hero suggestions.  All 15 heroes chosen will be given copies of their own haiku, and all 51 heroes who submitted haiku will be given a medal: Sha-Jin Haiku.  If you are one of those 51, please send a trade to squalor to receive your prize.

Below is a list of the 15 new haiku:

Haiku: the gambling choice
Haiku: the dead awaken
Haiku: I am but a wall
Haiku: Salt of the earth
Haiku: have courage!
Haiku: Alchemal Potion
Haiku: Become Poets
Haiku: Ready your mugs!
Haiku: Debts Paid to my Axe
Haiku: Ignorance is Bliss
Haiku: No Glory in Death
Haiku: Snake and Man
Haiku: The hunter awaits
Haiku: Silent Snowflakes Fall
Haiku: Act Fast or Die

Congratulations to psilocybe, tacheron, zakail, ibid, lord_folken, yazoo, shao'sa'vire, skunj, iknowwhoiam, adonies, tomy, pronell, haysoos, beart, triptrix for contributing the 15 haiku selected.

The Banner competition saw three amazing contributions, and those brilliant works of art will be displayed in the following items:

Sha-Jin Banner of the Red Monkey
Sha-Jin Banner of the White Rhino
Sha-Jin Banner of the Spirits

Class Forums Seek New Life, New Leadership, New Participants

Here at WoD, we have an amazing resource for builds, skills, gear, and even a laugh or two.  Unfortunately, this gold mine of information, encouragement, and maybe even a helping hand with items, has run dry from a lack of participation.

The leadership at WoD is seeking new, energetic, young minds to moderate, and most of all encourage participation in, the class forums present in the Tavern.

The Hall of heroes, as it is known to those who frequent its silent depths, has individual forums for each and every class in the known world (of dungeons).  Interested parties need only apply to Cathar to join the pseudo-elite ranks of forum moderators to help WoD grow, and provide refuge and aid to young, growing members of your class.

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