Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Seventh Edition - November 2011

RE-RUN: WoD Herald - Who wants to participate?

If anyone is interested in writing an article for the Herald, message me with your topic, and if it sounds fun, I'll invite you to wow me with your compositional competence!

Simply message me, Jasvyr, in WoD on Caledonii or Aberon to give it a shot! (No guarantee an article will be run, of course...the big guys upstairs have to approve and all...)

As always, happy dungeoneering!

Ravenfort Fair in Full Swing!

Sign up for everything!  As usual, this year for the Ravenfort Fair, we celebrate in numerous exciting ways!

  1. Balloon Popping!  Throw, shoot, or blast those balloons to win your prize!
  2. Fortune Telling!  Pick a number, any number!  Madame Uniana can tell your future with her magic tarot cards, and the ebst part is, you get to keep one (or two)!
  3. Golem Bouts!  Buff your rock-monster and watch him pound another rock monster into the ground!  Winner-take-all!
  4. Good-Old-Fashioned Fighting!  What better way to celebrate than to beat each other into unrecognizable pulps?  Sign up for the tournaments!
All interested can sign up for the events in the Tavern > Forums > Royal Marketplace > Ravenfort Fair.

You can sign up for the tournaments in the Arena.

Good luck, and have fun!

RE-RUN - Intra-Clan Leagues

What better way to show the close bond you've developed with your clan-mates than to brutally assault them on a semi-regular basis?

Sign up for a clan-league now with Hasta!

Caledonii League Run-Down - Groups - 2000

Believe it or not, The Heretics have done it again!  With Ignis breaking 300 consistently on cross-position magic attacks, they just couldn't be stopped, even by the Lucky XIII!  It seems no one can take the crown from this dominant group!

Rounding out the upper division, Lucky XIII and OOG's Revenge performed extremely well, beating out the rest of the competition.

Since The Twelve Warriors moved up into the top division, the top spot went back to Valor Friends, and The Body Snatchers maintained their second-place position yet again.

Congratulations to all our participants!

New World - WoD Revision

In a rare appearance to us little folk, the game administrator of the .net servers, Code_Red, (also known as Darkblade) has agreed to an interview regarding the up-and-coming changes we can expect in the next world in WoD!

Keep in mind, not all the changes are listed here, and anything that IS listed here may end up being revised, so nothing is totally set in stone just yet.

All the same, enjoy the interview, and hopefully you are all as excited about the potential the new world has as I am!

WH:  So, a new world (or reset) is going to drop sooner or later. Which is it? Sooner or later? What kind of general time frame can we expect on seeing the new digs?

DB:  I would love to say sooner, but we all remember what happened with the Caledonii launch, and I would like to avoid having that happen again if at all humanly possible. I want to personally make sure that this next world is solid and everything is in place and working before the players flood in.

WH:  This world is going to be rife with overdue changes, balancing, and some major overhauls. What are the biggest changes?

DB:  Where to begin... Overdue changes? I think that the fame titles and medal updates are significant. When you gain fame titles, you will be able to choose between the standard medals that we have all seen over the years, but now there will be racial and class based medals as well. These will push some of the crucial skills or abilities that pertain directly to your hero. This should give people a reason to actually want to gain fame. Recruiting, voting, etc for extra fame will finally have a good incentive bonus to it for the player, aside from the player base growth.

We will also see the addition of some new classes and races, and a change to how these are played in general. Also finally making its way into the game will be backpacks. The standard backpacks will directly influence how many pocket slots a player has. These standard backpacks are indestructable. Other unique packs will allow players to use the pack itself as a limited usage item for their trade skills. These packs will not be exempt from damage. Discovering just what is out there should really heat up the markets and trade forums or the "offers" area of the market.

WH:  So, class changes, huh? What's the goal here, and what will these changes look like? Will the builds we know and love disappear?

Some races and classes will be changed. There will now be 4 "free" classes, and 2 new premium races, as well as quite a few newer premium classes. Some builds, even those I myself am known for, will be replaced by new ones. The knife combat Juggler for example will fade into legend, and be replaced by the knife combat Rogue.

WH:  Can you break down one of the larger changes in more detail? For example, what can we expect the mage class to look like now?

DB:  There will be a few different types of mages now in fact. The free to play mage class will now be the Mages Apprentice class. These will have most of the features that the mage class has been known for in the past. Then there are 2 different premium mage classes. The mage, and the seer. Each of these is unique in its own way. For example the mage will focus on fire, ice and energy based attacks, but will also have some new options for spellcasting from scrolls. The seer will be somewhat similar, but will have a bit more power in elemental based magery.

WH:  What about races? Who's changing, why, and how?

DB:  The races themselves will not change too much, they will be joined by the new Sha-Jin and Half-Orc races.

WH:  Anything completely new?

DB:  Aside from the backpacks, there will be some restrictions on which classes can use certain types of weaponry or armor.

WH:  Just to put all this stuff into perspective for our readers, how much time and effort went into all these changes? Do the designers get a decent paycheck at the end of all this?

DB:  Tell me more of this.. "pay" of which thou speaketh... Seriously though, this has all been work done freely by designers on their own free time. The only thing we can do to say thank you is reward them with free premium time, or a monthly sapphire bonus. This sapphire bonus is not limited to designers though. As most players know, Textmasters, Greasemonkey Coders and other players who help the community in general also receive decent sapphire rewards for their time and efforts.

WH:  Any closing comments, anything else you'd like to mention about the changes that I've missed?

DB:  I would love to discuss the changes in length, but I think with the new information made available, there will be a lot of new questions to answer soon. I would like the new players as well as the old players to have a new sense of discovery with the new systems and changes being put into place.

The Herald Wants YOU!

Got an interesting build you'd like to share?  An idea you want to get out there?  Too much bundled up creativity and no outlet?  The Herald is looking for interviewees.  To sign up, send a message to Jasvyr and shout your glorious information to the world (figuratively...there's no yelling allowed in journalism...)!!!  Seriously, message me in game, I want to interview you (assuming you have something even REMOTELY interesting to say)!

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