Friday, February 1, 2013

Ninth Edition - January 2013

RE-RUN: WoD Herald - Who wants to participate?

If anyone is interested in writing an article for the Herald, message me with your topic, and if it sounds fun, I'll invite you to wow me with your compositional competence!

Simply message me, Jasvyr, in WoD on Caledonii to give it a shot! (No guarantee an article will be run, of course...the big guys upstairs have to approve and all...)

As always, happy dungeoneering!

Breaking News - Design Members Needed!

The administrators of WoD .net are looking for some capable hands to assist with development for the new world!  To apply, simply message Code_Red (type Darkblade@Testworld into your message "To:" field), including the following information:

1. In-game name.
2. Age.
3. Years of experience in WoD.
4. Gaming experience in general.
5. Brief information about you that makes you a great addition to the design team!

All designers hold a lot of sway as to how the new worlds develop, and there are some other great benefits, too!

Caledonii Wind-Down - What's Left?

Well, dear readers, as you all know, our beloved world of Caledonii is on its down-slope.  So then, why continue on?  Why drudge drearily through the musty mire of a lost land?

Fear not!  There is much yet to be done whilst we wait (im)patiently for the next rebirth!  Read on to see what new challenges await while we...well, wait!

Arenas: Master your class, race, and your opponents in the myriad arenas.  Simply register for the arena league of your choice and whack, cast, summon, sing, or heal away against the mightiest opponents of the land!

Mini Groups: Tired of your massive level 40 group?  Just restart with brand new characters of different class and race combinations!  Were you the healer of your last group, but your real calling is standing in the front lines, taking a beating and shouting back your rage with word and axe?  This is fun the whole group can enjoy!

Optimization: Though the classes and races are changing a bit in the next world, it never hurts to familiarize yourself more deeply with the game mechanics by tweaking your character into the unstoppable behemoth you always wanted him or her to be.  Go ahead, try to get your Knight up to a +100 bonus to social attacks, and get that Juggler the 70 agility he always craved!

As you can see, dear readers, there are still countless hours to be spent wandering the wastes of our plentiful plane.  Enjoy the mischievous monsters and hardy heroes to their fullest, and prepare yourselves for the world to come!

New World Class Preview!

WH: So, new magic users just got a teaser. What can we expect to see(r) in the new world?

DB: A very distinct separation of the schools of magic depending on the sub-class the player chooses. The seers will branch off into their individual elemental specifications, whereas the mages will branch into either arcane support, illusion, or necromancy.

Each of these new classes has unique spells to compliment the players class choice.

WH: What about the mage? Are his abilities totally changing?

DB: The mage that we once knew is no more in the sense that everything has been re-written.

WH: What's our non-premium option? How will that class play in comparison to the others?

DB: The free class mages apprentice still has some of the skills we have become used to over the years, and still packs quite a punch. More experienced players will definitely lean toward the mage and seer, as these classes offer new challenges and benefits for the group. The Mages Apprentice, will however have more base HP than the Seer or Mage.

WH: Are all the classes being overhauled like the magic classes? Can you give some examples of similar changes?

DB: Not all of the classes will be changed as drastically as the mage classes have been. Archer and Hunter will also see a new separation of their skills and use within the group.

WH: What will all these changes do to item balance? Won't skill be super overpowered with item?

DB: With the "old" items we had, I am certain that the item balance would be overpowered in some cases. However all items are being redesigned from scratch as well. Having started with the classes and races, we now have a clear overview of what is pushing which skill or bonus, and can design the items accordingly to make sure no see-sawing occurs. We will be introducing new top-of-the-line gear to compliment the hero classes and races.

WH: Thanks for your time!

RE-RUN: The Herald Wants YOU!

Got an interesting build you'd like to share?  An idea you want to get out there?  Too much bundled up creativity and no outlet?  The Herald is looking for interviewees.  To sign up, send a message to Jasvyr and shout your glorious information to the world (figuratively...there's no yelling allowed in journalism...)!!!  Seriously, message me in game, I want to interview you (assuming you have something even REMOTELY interesting to say)!

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