Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fourth Edition - August 2011

 RE-RUN - Intra-Clan Leagues

These leagues are still available for all clans that may want one.  Duel each other internally, and determine who the best clan duelist is!  Keep the clan together by keeping it all in the clan.  Beat up on those you hold most dear, and let them beat up on you in return!

RE-RUN - Tell a Tale over Tea

FREE SAPPHIRES!!!  Do I really need to say more?!  Join the Tea Party every Sunday by registering here, and then write up a short story depicting the battle!  See winners' entries from the last round by going here, hopefully that will jog your creative memory!


(while this is a great opportunity for free sapphires, the stories have to actually be serious and have some effort put in, not just throwing something together just to get the sapphires, we want your creativity!)

Tell a Tale over Tea's First Winner Announced

In other news, congratulations to last Tea Party's winner: Yours Truly!   It seems the pen is mightier than the sword (or axe, or magic, or get the idea) after all!  Excellent entries from Shadowice and DarkRuan also won 10 sapphires each.

Come now, none of you stalwart adventurers wants a shot at the bonus sapphires for taking my literary crown?  Bring your best maneuvers to the fight, and your best pens to the after party!  Win Sapphires!

Caledonii League Run-Down - Groups - 2000

 Well, loyal readers, it has happened again.  The Heretics have once again taken the top group sub-league by storm, this time beating out Lucky XIII by the margin of one half of a win.  In the deciding match, our champions used surprise maneuver of stacking the right side, keeping their secret weapon, Ignis alive in order to blast the opponents, dealing nearly double the next most damaging attacker yet again.

The real shocker (pardon the pun) came in the duel between the runners up (Lucky XIII) actually ended their match with OOG's Revenge in a DRAW!  That's right folks, legendary tank Suzie actually managed to successfully defend against FOUR of the of the second place group's heroes, striking down one, nearly bringing down a second, and I believe, given enough time, potentially winning!

Torrential Reigns rounded out the top three in the top sub-league.  The Twelve Warrios, Senatus Redux, and The Body Snatchers took the top three spots in the second sub-league.

Designs on Design, Round Two

Great news, heroes!  The next and final part of the epic Kargash Peak quest is being released a week from today!  This new and exciting re-visitation of the beloved quest line will finally wrap up all the hard questing heroes in Caledonii have been doing since the world opened.

Along with the release of the final part of the quest, the old "boss items" have been updated for Caledonii.

These exciting new battles are designed for level 30+ groups.

Happy questing!

Shock and Awe, with Ignis

Please enjoy this  brief interview with Ignis of The Heretics, potentially the single most devastating group and clan duelist Caledonii will ever have!

WoD Herald: Wow. You rock in group and clan duels. What's the secret?

Ignis: It is hard to say.  My build is focused on initiative,which is good for duels.  I am the only mage of my group, so I can get most mage's unique items, and my group and clan both have some great strategists for duels.

WH: Most of the high damage mages go fire. Why are you using electrical storm instead?

I: Actually I have played all kinds of mages and realized that energy is really better than fire.  The main reason is Talent: Art of Offensive Magery.  It gives quite a large bonus to both attack and damage roll, and secondly, the damage attribute is str, so its damage can be push by Experimental Strength. Besides Electrical Storm hits two more targets than fire rain, which is also importmant in group/clan duel.  So,Electrical Storm hits more has more attack roll and does more damage.

The advange of fire is that you can use something like The fire amulet of Haron the Dark to do more damage,but those item have limited use and most effective when cri hit.

WH: Obviously, you have lots of pretty sweet items, and all the best enchanting a hero could ask for. Were you successful in duels before you got to that point, or was there sort of a "breaking point" for the power of your build?

I: I can't say it for sure.  It is true some pieces of equipment (like cloak of eternal darkness,Gulgoltogh's girdle of penance and Golden Ring with a Black Diamond) are very powerful and will make a big difference in both duel and dungeon.  The enchanting gives me more initiative and a higher attack roll.  Those are important, but I am also very confident in my build =D.

WH: You don't use a premium account, and therefore no premium classes. How much does this affect your game play? Are you better at mages, for example, because that's all you play?

I: Oh, I have played wod for years (most in .org though), and have played almost all classes, but true, mage is always my favorite.  I am also considering playing a Gladiator and an ice mage in next world :).

WH: I noticed in duel reports that your group doesn't really even buff you that much. Aside of the initiative buff from Captain and the aswadi drum, the only non-defensive buff on you was from use device (self). Just how powerful is that skill?

It is VERY powerful.  With Gnomish talisman of energy you can get a rare initiative bonus and even an extra action.  As a mage, you can't expect more from a pre-round skill, especially since AoP is no longer in this world.  There are also some good devices like Use Device (Group), Schepwinkle's glowing ball, sulfur press.  The other racial skill Deploy Traps is also very powerful in duels.

Actually I think that gnomes of this world are a little too powerful, at least for caster classes.  The racial attack and defence bonus is good, the racial skill is very powerful (especially compared to other races), even the pocket enlarger item tool box is also great (it only require equip one device item and +3 extra pocket space, which means you can wear one powerful device and two other good pocket items, while elves have to wear 3 weak glyphs).  I was a Tiram-Ag Elf mage before, but after I analyzed all races carefully, I converted to gnome immediately.

WH: Any other comments on your build, and how others can duplicate your success?

I: The key skill of my build is Talent: Art of Offensive Magery.  I do think it is the best talent: attack roll, skill level damage, you've got all you want.  I'd strongly suggest all mages (including fire and ice) choose the Sorcerer Warlock/Sorceress Witch subclass, even the attack bonus alone is good enough, and the other two talent skills are also not bad.  On the other hand, energy is only powerful enough with Talent: Art of Offensive Magery.  So,I suggest all mages who want to be enegrymage use fire before lvl 29, then use 2-3 reset points to convert to energy when you get Talent: Art of Offensive Magery and ring of liquid copper.

The Herald Wants YOU!

Got an interesting build you'd like to share?  An idea you want to get out there?  Too much bundled up creativity and no outlet?  The Herald is looking for interviewees.  To sign up, send a message to Jasvyr and shout your glorious information to the world (figuratively...there's no yelling allowed in journalism...)!!!

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