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Fifth Edition - September 2011

Herald's Fifth Run - Home Stretch on Caledonii

 So, here we are, in the fifth edition of the Herald.  Seems like less than a year ago I started this fledgling enterprise with nothing but the pen in my hand and the glimmer in my eye.

And now for a non sequitur.  Caledonii has been an interesting world from the start, and many of the high level groups are approaching end-of-game status in level and gear, including dungeon completion.  Keep in mind, there will be a new world (or world reset) sooner or later, but it is a little ways off, so keep on enjoying Caledonii for a bit longer.  A little patience goes a long way, and it will essentially be a time to try new and exciting builds (to you) with new and exciting classes (to you) after you hit the cap and feel there's nothing going on.

Happy dungeoneering!

RE-RUN - Intra-Clan Leagues

These leagues are still available for all clans that may want one.  Duel each other internally, and determine who the best clan duelist is!  Keep the clan together by keeping it all in the clan.  Beat up on those you hold most dear, and let them beat up on you in return!

Speaking from personal experience, these are good fun, easy to run, and a great way to keep your clan involved and active internally.

Tournament of Barbroxu Comes to an End!

Congratulations to all who participated, and be sure to make good use of the consumables given to all as a participation prize!

The overall winner of the tournament (featuring only barbarians...class-ist...) was Radialis, with xGlider as our runner-up.

The winners of "Running with the Herd" were xGlider and Mysteria@Aberon on Caledonii and Aberon, respectively.  Their slightly smashed losing counter-parts were Ragnor and Sophia@Aberon, again Caledonii and Aberon respectively.

The exalted Champion of Barbroxu is gifted the stunning battle axe with the blessing of Barbroxu as a reward.

Winners of "Running with the Herd" each got an exquisite horned helmet with caribou antlers, while the first to fall each got the amazing honor of being flat as a pancake.

Story Telling, Not Just for Woodlanders Anymore!

Entrants into the "Running with the Herd" competition can write up a story of the events as they unfolded for a guarantee of some sapphires, with a chance to win more!

Simply send your SERIOUS attempt at telling the events of the competition (specifying which run you are commentating on as there were a couple) and send it to Akako Chung.

Caledonii League Run-Down - Groups - 2000

Call me crazy, but I think The Heretics are now the team to beat!  To be fair, many of the Warriors of Kesmet are busy doing crazy things like running the game, and the same can be said for some members of other groups, but this has gotten to be a norm almost over night (or over the last three months, whichever you prefer, loyal readers).

This month, we saw absolute domination by The Heretics, as they lost ZERO matches.  Those of you with other gaming experience will know, we call that an "ACE!"  Well played.  As we've come to expect, they dropped the hammer on Warriors of Kesmet with a phial of high quality magical potion, another strong performance by Ignis, and some clean-up by DwargonVizzini and Salad Fingers.

The second division of the groups league was lead by Valor Friends, The Body Snatchers second, and  The Twelve Warriors third.

Congratulations to all our participants!

WoD: New to Me

Please enjoy this interview with Diablo1985 of Ice Cold and Sweet.  He's a new player to WoD as of the Caledonii start, and can share some thoughts about his early experience so far.

WH: So, you're new to WoD this world, right? How did you hear about WoD?

D: I found WoD in January this year by "googling". I've played some online games before and I wanted something new.

WH: How has your experience been so far?

D: Most of the online games are based on strategy or RPG (build a character). At a first look, I put WoD in the 2nd category. Everything changed when I was acquainted by Quillmonkey to join Ice Cold and Sweet. I thought it was all for fame to be a member of a group, but I realized is the essence of WoD. I'm looking at my minis now and they cant overpass dungeons suggested for half their level. No matter how good you are, the resources to develop your character could only come from a group.

WH: I see Blackruby and Tacheron are both in your group. How instrumental in your group's success have they been, being very experienced players? Do you think your group would have made it if it was made up of all new players?

D: My biggest luck was to join Ice Cold and Sweet. Alongside Blackruby and Tacheron we have Quillmonkey - the founder, the brother and one friend of Tacheron and Peak who played a lot on french server. We're pretty much like the musketeers - one for all and all for one. The forum is a very useful tool; there we can discuss pretty much all: merchandising, schedulers, wish lists, strategies....u name it. Alongside the relationships in the group that makes it very solid we have the Written Constitution of Ice Cold and Sweet, another major piece of the group's backbone. Tacheron is the merchant and also you can say is the account since he pays us a salary at each level because all the drops goes to TV or GS. I made mistakes, bending the rules....because I like empirical methods, by practice, and sometimes I wanted more coins for example. Although I'm 26 years old I felt like the teenager that needs to steal the car late at night and meet his girlfriend; translated in WoD, selling my stuff for some coins to develop a skill I thought I need it. But Tacheron and Quillmonkey were like my parents blaming (criticizing) for my actions, but after all they supported me with advices and always found a way to cool things down. I think that's our group strong point because we can understand each other and guide ourselves on a good path avoiding the dark side of human nature (the ones with power and knowledge tend to mock the others). Could we have made it with new players ? I say maybe, the only difference is the time to get used to, or as Quill (Quillmonkey) said: "WoD has quite a steep learning curve and it is difficult to get your head round some things".

WH: What things would have improved your early experience with WoD? In your experience, what things can players do to make the environment more welcoming for new players?

D: I always wanted to become better. I'm a Virgo after all and I like to help the ones I trust or care . Someone said: "Learn, learn and learn". I say :"Read, read and read'. Ain't that hard. The reports contains a lot of information about what could you improve on your character. Reading the items descriptions helps you choose one more adequate and reading the skills list helps you building your hero as you wish. I thought a rage roundhouser cant survive, but that's what I am and I'm satisfied with my achievements both in dungeons and in the Arena. And don't forget to analyze your group and see how much they can support your actions. What would've helped me in the beginning ? More coins and/or the items I wanted; I was changing my wishlist at least weakly annoying Tacheron. First you see a blue candy: wooow..., then a red one with stars : wwwooooowww.......something like that, we all have a child inside. Anyway, the thing I suggest for any group / clan is to have a smooth and running Forum and to share the information, after all is the Age of Information .

WH: Are you going to keep playing in the next world? If so, what has you hooked? Going to get a premium account, or stay free-to-play?

D: I really want a premium account, maybe in the next world. What get me hooked ? Don't know, maybe the fact we all need to work together for achievements. To really think as a part of a group is different and if you don't, don't expect much from this game. An example to clarify: if my primary goal is to be the main attacker that means I wont be running after defense items, leaving them for the tank; the idea is to know how to make, lets say sacrifices.

The Herald Wants YOU!

Got an interesting build you'd like to share?  An idea you want to get out there?  Too much bundled up creativity and no outlet?  The Herald is looking for interviewees.  To sign up, send a message to Jasvyr and shout your glorious information to the world (figuratively...there's no yelling allowed in journalism...)!!!

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